AN APPALLED dog walker has raised safety concerns over a wrecked boat at Parklea in Port Glasgow.

The motorboat was washed up onto rocks during stormy weather last month but never removed.

Now the broken-up vessel is in such poor state that it is way beyond salvage – and the debris from it, which includes gas cylinders, has turned a picturesque spot into a dangerous eyesore. 

A man who contacted the Telegraph anonymously said: “I was walking my dog and was appalled to find the lovely spot at the timber ponds in rack and ruin.  The boat has been badly damaged beyond repair with a mass of hazards everywhere.”

The local man also raised fears about the dangerous items abandoned in and around the mess of broken wood.

He said: “I horrified to find fuel cans, Calor gas cylinders, rescue flares, lifejackets and a submerged engine amongst a huge amount of wreckage.”

Incensed by the mess, the man called the coastguard.

He said: “They told me it was the responsibility of the local council and that the owner was aware but was refusing to do anything about it.

“It hurts me that someone in our community can leave Inverclyde in such a disgraceful state and find it acceptable.”

The whistleblower said when he contacted the local authority he was told it was the boat owner’s responsibility, so he decided to highlight the situation in the Telegraph. 

He said: “Surely this isn’t how we want to leave our beautiful coastline?

“How disgusting that a person near us can do this.”

A spokesperson for Inverclyde Council: “Ultimately the responsibility for this kind of situation rests with the boat owner.  Our environmental services are now aware of it, and are looking at how we can safely remove the remains of this boat. All things being equal we would expect to start that on Monday.