TELE readers are being asked to help solve a mystery after intriguing video footage emerged of flashing bright lights in the hills across from Gourock.

An eyewitness filmed the lights on his mobile as he stood in Trumpethill looking towards Kilcreggan last Thursday just after 5pm.

The man, who asked not to be named, was spooked by the odd sight and hopes Tele readers can shed some light on the bizarre sight.

He said: “I’ve never seen anything like that before.

“The lights caught my eye as I looked out from St Andrews Drive.

“It looks like they are in the skies above Kilcreggan

“You can see from the video that there are several flashing lights, then more appear. It’s very strange.

“I hope someone can help solve this mystery – maybe we can call in Mulder and Scully from the X-Files!”

The 55-second video clip shows several lights flashing in the sky before they disappear.

This is not the first time that unusual sights have been spotted in the skies over Inverclyde.

Back in 2015, amateur photographer Will Keogh captured what he thought looked like a mysterious craft flying over Greenock.

He unwittingly shot the bizarre black object while taking photos of the sunset from his flat window in Harwood Court.

We also told back in 2011 how a series of UFO sightings in Inverclyde were probed by a specialist department at the Ministry of Defence.

Information previously kept top secret through a government ‘X-Files’-style project revealed senior figures at the military probed five separate incidents in the area between 1999 and late 2009.

The data, made available to the Telegraph through the Freedom of Information Act, told how unidentified flying objects were recorded in the skies above Inverclyde by a special Air Command department of the Armed Forces.

One entry described how a local man saw five lights going into a centre and breaking away to form a circle in the night sky.

They continued to circle before vanishing. Another report was made of two bright stationary lights hovering over Inverclyde.

The lights were described as sitting low on the horizon, where they remained in the sky for 30 minutes before shooting off.

While the majority of the sightings were made over Greenock, the files reveal a UFO was also seen on 25 May 2003 above Kilmacolm.

The Ministry also recorded a sighting above Greenock on 15 February 2005 when a man reported a large yellow conical craft in the sky while walking his dog just after 1am. 

On 25 December 2009, two orange lights were seen hovering over Greenock just after 5.30pm.

As well as being recorded as an official sighting by MOD experts, the lights were caught on a mobile phone by a couple, with the story making headlines in the Tele that week.

Debbie and Hugh Scobie, from Berwick Road, captured footage of the two objects in the sky above Larkfield.

It was the second UFO sighting in Inverclyde in a matter of weeks after a floating disc was recorded appearing to float over Coronation Park on Friday 13 November.