ONE of the country's most fearless escapologists today performed a death-defying Houdini stunt in front of a stunned crowd at Greenock's Custom House Quay.

Danny Hunt, one of the biggest names in magic, tried the world famous milk can escape on the waterfront as rain poured down. The stunt was part of a weekend of magic taking place at the Beacon Arts Centre.

After a few false starts, the handcuffed stuntman managed to submerge his head in the water and his fellow escapologist Stephanie Clarke bolted its lid.

With only two minutes to escape, the clock ticked down before Danny burst out of the cart just in time, gasping for breath.

Afterwards Danny, who was still shaking as he spoke to our reporter, said: "This is the first time I have tried the milk can escape for two years. Let's just say I had an incident and we decided to retire it for a while.

"I feel amazing now but there were a few tense moments when I lost my nose plug."

Beforehand guest Provost Martin Brennan was asked to check the cart and make sure the locks were for real.

The Provost said: "It was incredible to watch. There were a few tense moments though and you think, 'is he going to make it?' I can confirm that those handcuffs were the old fashioned kind used by police officers."

Danny is one of hundreds of artists taking part in the major convention of the International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring at the Beacon.

He joins the likes of Port Glasgow illusionist Alan Rorrison at the major event.

The experienced magician added: "It is incredible to be here in Greenock and to do this here with the best scenery you'll find anywhere, behind me. I have tosay the Beacon Arts Centre is an amzing venue as well."

Danny and Stephanie, who work on the BBC drama Sherlock and the ITV favourite Houdini and Doyle, have just finished a successful world tour. They also work with many big names including comedian Ken Dodd.

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