A DANGEROUS Greenock drink driver who caused a two-vehicle smash after consuming vodka has been jailed – after being told he has ‘no regard for the law’.

Imran Sadiq was nearly four times the booze limit when he crashed a powerful Mercedes C-250 into a Toyota Corolla — causing ‘extensive damage’ to both cars.

Sadiq, 39, was hauled before a sheriff and locked up after admitting that he’d completed less than a fifth of a 200-hour unpaid work order imposed on him 16 MONTHS ago.

Lawman Derek Hamilton told the father-of-two: “It seems to me that you have done everything to avoid complying.”

Greenock Sheriff Court heard how Sadiq — who has multiple drink-driving convictions — had ‘effectively submitted sick lines’ to avoid the work, despite holding down a full-time job.

He had been told at his original sentencing hearing in August 2016 that he must complete the 200 hours in 12 months but since then he has done just 35 and three-quarter hours.

The court heard at the time how an ‘overwhelming’ smell of alcohol reeked from within his crumpled car when police found him drunk the driver’s seat.

Sadiq, of Lawers Place in Greenock, had tailgated a string of vehicles on the M8 prior to the crash on the A8 at Woodhall in the middle of the afternoon of April 19 last year.

Whilst en-route to Greenock police office he freely stated to officers: “What I’ve done is wrong — I drank a quarter bottle of vodka.”

Defence lawyer Aidan Gallagher told the court: “Mr Sadiq appreciates that he is on the cusp of custody but there might be mitigating factors to consider.

“He is an account manager with an IT company in Glasgow and his wife and two children are dependent on him.”

However, Sheriff Derek Hamilton decided that Sadiq — who had twice been given further chances to do the hours — had ran out of road on the matter.

The sheriff said: “You were warned in March, and again in August, and here we are in November and we are no further forward.

“The background report is clear — you have a poor attitude towards the order.

“This is a serious matter and you have previous convictions for drink driving and there is another matter from 2013 which included you undergoing alcohol treatment.”

Sadiq was found to have 85mcg of alcohol in 100ml of breath following the crash — the legal limit is 22mcg.

As well as the unpaid worker order he was banned from the roads for four years and ordered to resit the driving test.

Sheriff Hamilton told him previously: “You are someone who has no regard for the law.

“You have previous convictions for careless driving and other road traffic matters and, taken together, they show that you just don’t care.”

The sheriff said at the latest calling of the case: “Since the imposition of the unpaid work order it seems to me that you did everything to avoid complying with it.

“I am satisfied that there is no community-based sentence that is appropriate now and you will now receive a custodial sentence.”

Sadiq was sentenced to six months imprisonment.