A MIRACLE moggie’s owner has told how a Facebook appeal saved the life of her beloved pet.

Jasmine was left fighting for her life after being run down near her home in Methil Road in Port Glasgow.

Owner Elizabeth Grant was told to prepare for the worse after the pedigree pet suffered horror injuries — and her rare blood type meant she was unlikely to win her fight for life.

But vets put an appeal on Facebook and within 30 minutes a donor cat with the same blood type had been found.

Elizabeth said: “She was in the garden playing then within a few seconds my neighbours were all out in the street and were telling me she had been knocked down.”

Elizabeth took Jasmine to Kilbarchan Veterinary Practice where it was discovered her jaw and hip were broken, while she also had to have her eye removed.

The vet said Jasmine, a British short-hair breed, would need round the clock care and sent her to an emergency veterinary hospital in Glasgow.

Elizabeth was so distressed that she was unable to drive so used the train and buses to visit Jasmine, who was in hospital for 10 days.

She then received a call to say her pet had taken a turn for the worse and needed an urgent blood transfusion.
Vets put an appeal on Facebook and within half an hour, nine-year-old Tyler was found.

Elizabeth said: “Tyler saved Jasmine’s life, if she had had the blood transfusion she would have died. I can’t bear to think of that, she’s my baby.

Jasmine is the purr-fect companion for Elizabeth, who sadly lost her husband Donald 10 years ago.

Elizabeth said: “My last cat died a year ago in August and I vowed never to get another because I couldn’t go though the heartache of losing one again, but then coming back to an empty house every night I changed my mind.

“I saw Jasmine online and fell in love with her. She is always with me, sleeps under me duvet and brings me toys early in the morning to play with her.”

Elizabeth is urging other cat owners to consider donating their pet’s blood to help others.

She said: “Cats desperately need blood donations because you can’t store a cats’ blood for any length of time. There’s a shortage of donors.”

Elizabeth also wants to thank both veterinary practices and everyone for all their support.