WORK on a new £400,000 drainage system to alleviate flooding at a well-used Kilmacolm sports pitch has been delayed.

Improvements to the rugby field at Birkmyre Park have been affected by poor weather and a hold-up with the legal side of the project.

It is now expected that the work will start in a few months time, later than scheduled.

But ward councillor David Wilson says it will be worth the wait.

Mr Wilson said: “It has been delayed until the spring, til winter is finished.

“Work was due to start around August time but there were some legalities that had to be ironed out with regards to land and the Gryffe River.

“Legalities do take a while.

“But this is a significant drainage job for a well-used pitch.”

Planning permission for the project was granted last June.
Workers will install drainage pipes under the soil of the two rugby pitches to carry excess water to the Gryffe River, with the flow being controlled by an attenuation tank to minimise the risk of flooding.

There will also be a secondary sand-filled trench system.
The pitches are used by Birkmyre Rugby Club, the wider community and St Columba’s School, which is contributing £50,000 towards the project.