SPEEDING drivers are said to be putting children’s lives at risk near a Greenock play park.

Residents say drivers are ‘flying’ round a blind bend from Brachelston Street onto Old Inverkip Road — right where kids cross to reach the nearby play park.

People living in the street are so worried about the situation that they contacted their local councillor Tommy McVey, who has taken up the issue with Inverclyde Council on their behalf.

Mum Jennifer Hemphill, who lives in Old Inverkip Road, says she has witnessed several near misses as children attempt to cross the road.

She said: “The problem is that cars are speeding round the corner — it’s really bad.

“There’s a good few kids in the street and sometimes I have been stood at the window and can see kids trying to cross the road.

“It’s terrible and an accident waiting to happen.”

Jennifer said her young daughter Eva McConnachie, 13, has written to the council about the issue.

She added: “Eva sent a letter as she’s worried about the speed of the cars coming round that corner.”

Councillor McVey says he has spoken to officials from the roads department, who are now going to carry out a survey.

He said: “The residents came to me and raised it as an issue so we have got to try and see what we can do.

“I have asked the council to look at the options and see if there is a way to slow the cars down.

“I have also asked them to look at the layout of this corner between Brachelston Street and Old Inverkip Road.”

A spokesman at Inverclyde Council today stressed that the matter would be given careful consideration —and urged drivers to take more care.

He said: “Road safety is an important issue and one that we take extremely seriously.

“We are currently assessing numerous sites across Inverclyde where residents have asked for speed reduction measures to see what can be done with the resources we have available.

“Motorists should also be reminded to drive safely and responsibly and adapt their driving to the appropriate type and condition of the road they are on.”