A DEVASTATED pet owner is making a heartfelt appeal for help to save her sick dog’s life.

Erin Leith needs £2,000 to remove a lump from her Jack Russell’s head after using up all the family’s pet insurance for tests.

The 19-year-old student says Winnie, who will turn three in June, will not survive the year without it.

Erin lives in Bannockburn Street with her parents Brian and Helen, sister Amy and brother Andrew.

She said: “If it doesn’t get removed, it will grow down behind Winnie eye socket and put pressure on her brain. 

“It will affect everything.

“It would mean the world to me if we got this treatment.”

The family have been back and forward to the vets for advice and are now desperate for help.

Erin’s dad Brian said: “She developed a lump on her head and now it’s grown out of control. 

“We’ve been back and forward to the vets, as we were covered by pet insurance and though a scheme at Shore Vets.”

The dog had a biopsy at the vets and the family were told that Winnie didn’t have cancer, but they referred her to Vets Now in Glasgow for a second opinion which confirmed this diagnosis.

But the costly tests meant that the £3,000 insurance fund has been wiped out and the family cannot afford to pay for treatment.

They have had Winnie since she was 12 weeks old and say she is part of the family.

Brian said: “She’s a family pet.

“We originally bought her for the girls but Helen and Erin are her favourites and she sleeps with Erin at night.”

Brian says that if the lump on Winnie’s head is not removed, she will not see out the year and they will be forced to put her  to sleep.

He said: “It’s on top of her skull, like a mushroom.

“We need to remove it.”

Erin says she can’t bear the thought of losing Winnie and is hoping Tele readers can help raise enough money to save her.

She said: “I wouldn’t want to lose Winnie.

“I’d be heartbroken.

“We have two other dogs but she is the baby.”