RESIDENTS living in Port Glasgow’s east end could soon have a strong voice on neighbourhood issues — as efforts are made to resurrect a community council.
Campaigners are encouraging people to unite and have their say on important issues such as health, education, housing and crime by getting behind their efforts to form Port Glasgow East Community Council.
Residents who live in Kelburn, Woodhall, Broadfield, Park Farm, Bardrainney, Slaemuir and Mid Auchinleck, are being urged to show their support at a public meeting at Boglestone Community Centre on Monday night.
Tommy Rodger, the secretary of Port Glasgow West CC and member of the Port Glasgow Community Association, hopes people will get behind the drive.
Mr Rodger said: “In 2015, neither the Port Glasgow West or Port Glasgow East community councils got enough nominations to establish so we set up the community association to act on behalf of the community councils.
“Two years ago we managed to set up Port Glasgow West again and it’s still our aim to set up Port East.
“We are holding the public meeting and hoping that we get enough interest to set it back up again.”
Tommy says that having two community councils would give Port Glasgow residents a stronger voice when it comes to key issues.
He said: “If any issues arise related to the council or health services or regeneration then we will have two voices instead of one.”
Other members of the Port Glasgow West CC, including Anne Ross, the chairperson and William Weir, the vice chair, are also encouraging people to come along to Monday’s talks.
William said: “Being part of a community council is very rewarding, especially when there is a community issue and you see it right through to it reaching the council committee stage and it’s resolved.
“With the West community council set up, it’s now important that we set up East so the town has got two strong voices.”
Monday’s meeting is at Boglestone Community Centre at 7pm.
Anyone who would like more information should phone 07904 366527 or 741367.