PEOPLE power is taking hold in Branchton thanks to a £120,000 cash boost.

Branchton Community Centre Association will now own as well as run the centre after receiving a large grant.

It means they will be able to upgrade their playpark and multi-use games area.

Michelle McIlroy, chairperson of Branchton Community Centre, said: “We are delighted to be awarded £120,148 from the Scottish Land Fund.

“It means that the community of Branchton can finally take ownership of the community centre, the land, the multi sports area and the playpark and tackle head-on the issue of regeneration in our area.

“When the community centre and land belong to the Branchton community this will allow the people in the area to grow in confidence, feel empowered and have a sense of pride and responsibility knowing that they can have an input on things that can have an effect and develop their neighbourhood.

“We can’t wait to get started.”

The group is the first in Inverclyde to receive money from the Scottish Land Fund.

This cash will be used to purchase the building, associated land, sports area, play area and multi-use games area.

They also hope to run a community cafe, vocational classes, health and fitness and diet activities.

Michelle says the whole estate will benefit from the improvements.

She said: “We will be able to create a new modern safe space for families and children to enjoy alongside a new sports ground that will be used in conjunction with future health groups and sports classes.”