A NEW dad who has raised over £50,000 in memory of his late mum says it felt like ‘a sign’ when his baby boy was born on World Cancer Day.

Chris Thomson says it was fitting when his wife Joanne gave birth to their first child Shay on February 4, a date which unites the globe in the fight against the disease.

Chris, from Port Glasgow, lost his mum Christine to breast cancer when she was 51, but he feels that she was there in spirit as little Shay arrived.

The 32-year-old has picked a very poignant day for the christening, when Shay will wear a shawl which his late mum made before she died.

Chris said: “Shay was born on World Cancer Day.

“I think that is a wee sign from my mum.

“We’ve chosen to have his christening on March 24, which is my mum’s birthday.

“My mum was devoted to her family, which is shown by the fact that she knitted a shawl for the christening before she passed away nine years ago.

“She knew me and Joanne would have kids one day.”

Christine is already a part of Shay’s life, as his first baby grow reads ‘Handpicked for earth by my nana Christine in heaven’.

Chris and Joanne, together with their family and friends, have raised the remarkable sum of £55,000 for Breast Cancer Care in her memory.

And Chris says it won’t be long until little Shay helps his daddy with the fundraising.

He said: “I can’t wait until he’s old enough to run marathons and climb hills like his dad.

“It’ll be great to get him involved.”

Chris and his family and friends are currently organising their fifth annual Breast Cancer Ball, which will be held on October 6 in Greenock Town Hall.

Before the event, Chris, his relatives and friends — including James Eardley, Frank Struthers and John Thomson — will be in the pink for Breast Cancer Care when they pound the pavements at the Stirling Scottish Marathon on April 29.

John, his cousin, says he is proud to support such a worthwhile cause.

He said: “As long as we are wearing our pink Breast Cancer Care outfits and raising awareness for the ball, that’s all the motivation we will need to finish.”

Chris’s uncle Frank and his pal James will be taking on the half marathon to do their bit.

Frank said: “This is a great way to raise awareness of Breast Cancer Care and the ball.”

Chris who works as a barber, and Joanne, who works in marketing, say tickets for the town hall bash will go on sale soon.

To keep up-date, visit their Breast Cancer Ball Facebook page.