A MAN who repeatedly abused young girls in Greenock during period spanning nine years hid his perversions in a cloak of churchgoing respectability.

Gordon Ramsay was today branded 'the Devil' by a brave mother of two children he tormented after 'worming his way in' to the woman's affections to the extent that she agreed to marry him.

Ramsay — who also grotesquely molested a third girl — even boasted to his former fiancée that her youngest child had turned to him to ask how babies were born, the 'shattered' woman revealed.

The 46-year-old — who is now beginning a four-year prison sentence and has been placed Sex Offenders Register indefinitely.— was a doting figure to the outside world and went on sunshine holidays with his unwitting partner and victims.

But when the woman's back was turned he carried out sexual assaults, the details of them are too harrowing to publish.

The mother — who had no idea about Ramsay's crimes until her youngest daughter confided in her — told the Telegraph: "She just looked down and said, 'I don't like it when he touches me down there'.

"She showed me and I just felt sick.

"I asked if it had ever happened before and she said, 'Yeah, this morning', and then I knew he'd done it while I was at work."

The woman's daughter was aged just seven when the shock of what Ramsay had been doing to the child hit the mum 'like a train'.

Then her older daughter broke down and told her that she had been sexually abused by him as well.

A third girl whom Ramsay had been permitted to be alone with also came forward and revealed he had molested her too.

The mum said: "We were in a relationship, we got engaged, he was probably the first guy that I've ever fallen in love with.

"Everything seemed to be good. I was aware that he had a past drug history but he was clean, he was going to church and things like that.

"We went to church together and he seemed like the perfect guy for me, but now I know that he was the Devil in disguise.

"He just showed me a lot of care and love and I suppose at that time in my life I was ready for that."

Ramsay's boast about how the child had asked him about how babies were made proved to be his undoing.

The woman said: "He was joking about how my daughter had turned to him about that and that immediately raised a flag in my head.

"Then after I asked my daughter about it, everything that he had been doing to her just came out.

"I had a pair of scissors in my hand and if he'd have came to my door I would have used them.

"I was in shock, I still am."

The woman added: "When I confronted him I just said, 'My daughter' and his words were, 'I've let you down and I'll sort it'.

"Now I think that he must have thought that I was referring to his drug taking because I'd found drugs paraphernalia in his flat."

The mum said: "That love I had for for him quickly turned hatred.

"This guy's got no feelings at all.

"When I look back on it all now I just feel that I've been used.

"They say these paedophiles look for vulnerable women who have kids and that's their way of operating. I've read up on it all.

"It's just a total nightmare. You wake up each day and it's there, it's never going to go away. I'm just shattered."

Ramsay sat impassively as Greenock Sheriff Court heard how he assaulted one child to the point where she was crying from the pain he'd inflicted upon her.

The girl told police that Ramsay may have abused her up to 10 times during a four-month timeframe in 2016.

Ramsay had repeatedly abused another when she was aged between seven and nine by placing his hands inside her nightwear.

He committed those offences between June 2008 and November 2010.

Between December 2010 and October 2013 he repeatedly sexually assaulted another child in a similar manner.

The mum said: "His family is devastated too. He has devastated so many lives.

"There were no warning signs, nothing, no reason to ever doubt this guy.

"I don't think he's capable of genuine remorse.

"His QC said he showed empathy. He doesn't even know what empathy means.

"Ramsay stood up after he was sentenced and turned round and looked at me and I said to him, 'I hope you suffer ever day for the rest of your life'.

"But he never said anything, he just looked and walked away.

"He'll be feeling sorry only for himself because he's been caught.

"My daughter is a shadow of her former self.

"Two Christmasses have come and gone. It has been so draining emotionally, physically, mentally."