NURSERY tots went for walk in the park in memory of a schooboy who tragically died at the age of 10.

Madeira Nursery families were remembering Jayden Orr, of Port Glasgow, who collapsed and died last year while he was ice skating.

The walk at Battery Park raised £2,000 for Jayden's Rainbow, the charity set up by his family.

It is gathering money to put life-saving defibrillators into all local schools in a Tele-backed campaign called Show Some Heart.

Jayden's aunt Nicola Jane Orr, who is the manager at the nursery, was deeply moved by the turn out on the day of the sponsored walk and the money raised.

She said: "I can't thank everyone who turned up enough.

"It was a great day, despite the weather.

"The response has been incredible - even though some people couldn't make it they still made donations.

"It was overwhelming.

"We are like a big family at Madeira Nursery."

In only a couple of months Jayden's mum and dad have raised thousands of pounds with the support of the people of Inverclyde.

Nicola paid a moving tribute to her brother John and his wife Kathleen, who are determined to help save lives in their son's name.

She said: "They are so strong.

"They've come through so much nut they are so determined to do this and we want to do all we can to support them.

"It is such a worthwhile cause.

"Jayden was a wonderful little boy and he is missed so much, every single day."