A GREENOCK pensioner has racked up a catalogue of convictions for 'causing mayhem' — including knife, assault and vandalism offences.

Joseph Lyon, 73, has been warned that prison will become the 'only option' if he breaches a tagging order and a year-long period of supervision now imposed on him.

The OAP scowled in the dock of the town's sheriff court as he reluctantly accepted the community-based sentence as an alternative to being locked up.

In one unprovoked attack, Lyon, of Kelly Street, repeatedly struck a female employee of Homebase on the head and body with a tin of paint to her injury.

He was also caught scurrying into bushes off Trafalgar Street in possession of a blade at 1.20am after being spotted by police in a passing patrol car.

Sheriff Andrew McIntyre urged defence lawyer David Tod to be 'realistic' in his submissions on behalf of Lyon, and declared that custody was at the 'forefront' of his mind.

The sheriff said: "He has caused, I'm told, mayhem to members of the public.

"The Homebase incident was a particularly unpleasant offence."

Solicitor Mr Tod spoke briefly with a frowning Lyon before turning to the sheriff and stating: "He would be content with a restriction of liberty (electronic tagging) order."

Sheriff McIntyre responded: "Well, if he is in prison he will be of no help to his wife."

Other offences committed by Lyon include headbutting a female police officer on her chest, scratching a parked car in his street with a 'sharp implement' and shouting, swearing and using homophobic language.

On West Blackhall Street he behaved in a threatening or abusive manner likely to cause a reasonable person to suffer fear or alarm by making threats of violence and adopting an aggressive stance.

The early-hours knife incident at Trafalgar Street involved him having a Stanley blade concealed within a pocket of his jacket.

Lawyer Mr Tod said: "Between 2016 and 2017 he was turning up in court with monotonous regularity."

Sheriff McIntyre told Lyon: "You have a number of cases now involving all sorts of aggressive acts against the public.

"People expect these to be dealt with, and you are running the risk of the only option being prison.

"You will want to avoid that but matters are now very serious for you."

Lyon was put on an electronic tag to remain within his home between 7pm and 7am each day for seven weeks, as well as being placed under supervision for 12 months.