HEALTH bosses have apologised after 'filthy' stairwells were left uncleaned at Inverclyde Royal.

Andrew McKnight, who was at the hospital visiting a friend, said he was absolutely disgusted to find used tissues, plasters and dust lying on the stairwell.

The 70-year-old of Lyle Road said he feared patients would be at risk of infection due to visitors and staff walking over the surface and taking the debris into the wards on their footwear.

The Tele immediately contacted NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde about the issue.

They apologised and ordered an immediate 'deep clean'.

A statement said: "We would like to apologise to Mr McKnight for his experience at Inverclyde Royal Hospital.

"Wards and clinical areas are the priority to ensure patient safety.

"However, stairs, while not routinely used to transport patients, should also be cleaned to a high standard.

"When we received this complaint we investigated immediately and the area is now clear and free from litter and was prioritised for a deep clean.

"The importance of maintaining high cleaning standards across all areas of the hospital has been reinforced to staff."

It was on Tuesday afternoon while visiting a friend at the IRH when Andrew noticed the state of the stairwell.

He said: "It was filthy.

"It looked like it had never been cleaned.

"There were used tissues, plasters and dust everywhere.

"The close in my tenement flat building looked cleaner.

"I couldn't believe it - it was disgusting.

"I saw staff running up and down the stairs before going into the wards so it puts patients at risk of infection."