PUPILS from two schools joined together in perfect harmony to record a song and combat sectarianism.

Clydeview Academy and St Columba's joined forces to 'Sing Something New' in a bid to promote religious and cultural tolerance.

The second year students teamed up with equalities charity Nil by Mouth for a recording session held at Old Gourock and Ashton Church.

Almost 300 second-year students took part.

They were split into groups and tasked with rewording The Proclaimers '500 miles' song to carry a message of friendship and anti-sectarianism.

Stephen Neeson, the principal teacher of religious education at St Columba's, and his Clydeview counterpart Elaine Tait, worked for several months to set the project up.

Mr Neeson said: "The pupils were very enthusiastic. To break the ice beforehand half the year groups visited each other's schools, so they knew who they would be working with.

"The kids really enjoyed it and mixed well."

Both schools have been awarded Champions for Change accreditation from Nil By Mouth.

Mr Neeson said: "This is the first time secondary schools in Scotland have received this award."

Jamie Lithgow, Nil By Mouth Education Officer, said: "I am genuinely blown away by what Clydeview and St Columba’s have managed to achieve. The logistics of co-ordinating an event like this with just one school would have been difficult enough. The staff from both schools have worked so hard and so well together.

"A huge well-done must go to all pupils involved, including the senior ones who volunteered their time, and the dedicated staff who pulled everything together.

"It is attitudes like these which give us hope that this generation will be the one that conquers sectarian attitudes in Scotland, for good."

The winning entry was chosen by a panel of teachers from both schools, with the group behind it now set to perform their version at the Scottish Parliament later in the year.