A COURAGEOUS young mum whose fight with cancer touched the hearts of everyone she met has sadly passed away just months after marrying her soulmate.

Jen Shaw, 30, a devoted mother to two-year-old Poppy and loving wife to her husband Andrew, 31, passed away on March 20.

Before Jen died, her dreams came true when she tied the knot with soulmate Andrew, with the wedding forward by six months due to her illness.

Jen's family are completely heartbroken over the loss of such a special person.

Andrew said: "I feel devastated.

"We were meant to be getting married in February this year but after we found out her cancer was terminal we moved it forward.

"Our wedding day was amazing - it was the best day.

"When I saw Jen walking down the aisle, I got this feeling that I've never felt before.

"It was perfect."

Jen's sister Lorna Stewart, who was the chief bridesmaid at the couple's wedding in the Brisbane Hotel in Largs, said it was an 'emotional but very happy day'.

She added: "We were able to forget everything else that was going on because it was such a special day.

"Jen looked so happy.

"She was stunning - she just glowed."

Jen, who worked at Wellington Children's Centre, was just 28 when she was ‘accidentally’ diagnosed with bowel cancer following a routine operation after giving birth to her daughter.

The brave mum of one underwent further surgery to remove the cancer and also endured chemotherapy.

During her treatment, she found the strength to launch an online petition calling for the bowel cancer screening age to be lowered from 50 to 30.

While she was in hospital she also organised a charity night in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support which raised £1,760.

In October 2016, Jen was given the all-clear but a check-up six months later brought terrible news.

Doctors told Jen the cancer had returned and it was now terminal.

Her mum Janet Stewart, who was with her when she got the news, said: "We were not expecting it.

"Jen had told Andrew he didn't have to go to the appointment as there was nothing to worry about, everything was fine.

"I remember sitting there and not being able to take it in.

"I said to the nurse, what are they saying, this doesn't sound right.

"Jen nudged me and said 'she's telling me I'm terminal'.

"Lorna picked us up and all Jen was worried about was Poppy.

"She wasn't worried about herself, it was about how Poppy was going to deal with this."

Despite the devastating diagnosis, Jen did not let her illness hold her back.

Lorna said: "She went out every day with Poppy, she never let it stop her.

"She never let it beat her."

Janet added: "Jen was an inspiration to lots of people - she was so strong."

With the help of her family and friends and the Brisbane staff, Jen managed to bring her wedding forward, with everything organised in just six weeks.

Jen and Andrew then enjoyed a short honeymoon in London.

She underwent an operation in September last year and at this point the cancer had spread to her lungs.

Shortly after this, Jen and her family had to cope with the loss of her beloved dad Billy, who passed away after a 17-year battle against heart disease.

Lorna said: "I think everything happens for a reason.

"I believe my dad wanted to be there for Jen so she wouldn't be on her own.

"He was determined to go before her."

Two months after her dad died, Jen was told that the cancer had spread to her bones.

She spent two weeks at the IRH before being referred to Ardgowan Hospice to receive palliative care.

Andrew said: "We all thought she would just be in the hospice for a few weeks before coming home but by the end of the first week things dipped."

Jen passed away peacefully at the hospice surrounded by her loving family.

The family say the hospice were incredibly supportive.

Lorna said: "They didn't just look after Jen, but Andrew and my mum too.

"They looked after us all, they were amazing, especially the nurses Marjorie and Kirsteen."

Jen's life was celebrated at her funeral which she planned herself before she passed away.

Andrew said: "She was so strong.

"Jen organised her own funeral, she left strict instructions.

"Her favourite colour was yellow so there were yellow ribbons and even the funeral directors wore yellow ties.

"Her favourite song was 'You're a Superstar' so that was played.

"She also wanted a collection at her funeral for Ardgowan Hospice and this raised over £800."

Andrew says his daughter Poppy and strong family support network are helping him as he tries to come to terms with such a shattering loss.

He said: "Poppy is keeping me going.

"We have just got to get on with it.

"Poppy is of an age that she knows mum isn't here now but she doesn't really understand.

"She says 'mummy is a big star'.

"Jen told her herself that she was going to die.

"Poppy still says goodnight to her mum every single night."

Being the devoted mum Jen was, she also organised her daughter's third birthday party before she died.

Andrew added: "Jen wanted Poppy to have the biggest princess party you've ever seen, so that is going to happen in a few weeks."

Her family are also planning a big charity bash later this year on Jen's birthday.

They hope that by sharing Jen's story, they will raise awareness of cancer and the need for more support for people going through cancer at Jen's age.

Her family, including her brother Jamie, 27, are keen to thank everyone who has been there for them during extremely difficult times, including Doctor Storey and the team at F South as well as everyone else at IRH from the domestic staff to the registrars.

They would also like to thank Jacqueline Coyle, Macmillan Cancer Support Welfare Rights Officer, and the care, compassion and support provided by Ardgowan Hospice.

The family also thank Lochview Medical Practice, especially Doctor Royle, Marion at the Brisbane Hotel, Jen's work colleagues at Wellington Children's Centre and the staff at Glenbrae Children's Centre.

Andrew was also keen to thank his family including his mum, dad and sister for their support.