AN EMOTIONAL TV documentary exposing the horrific ordeal suffered by a Greenock family and the failure of the state to protect them is up for two major TV awards.

Hard-hitting programme A Family Divided shocked the nation as it told the story of the Clarks, 17 siblings, who were torn apart by neglect and poverty.

In the years that followed they were put into the care system, where some of them were subjected to terrible abuse and almost all of them were kept in the dark about where they came from.

Filmmaker Bianca Barker took up their story and helped them in a lifelong quest to bring their family back together.

Now her work has been nominated for Royal Television Society Scotland awards in two categories, including best director.

Greenock brother Bernard Clark said: "I am absolutely over the moon, not just for me but for the whole family and of course for the brilliant Bianca Barker and her film crew who produced our film and put up with us for two years.

"She put together a fantastic film.

"I really hope Bianca wins the best director, she certainly deserves it and she has made a massive difference to all our lives."

A Family Divided, aired last April, is also in the running for the documentary and specialist factual category.

It told how six of the Clark family died in infancy, some were adopted and others sent to care homes or fostered.

The documentary also showed the difficulties the siblings faced as they tried to get information from the the authorities about themselves.

It was George Clark who first started the journey to find his family, meeting producer Bianca.

Sadly George died three years ago, before the documentary was finished.

A year on from the programme the family, led by Bernard Clark, Ian Savage and Andrew Clark, are now looking to the future with hope.

They have organised a Clark clan gathering in the Greenock Town Hall, where hundreds of relatives will come together to celebrate.

Youngest sibling Andrew, who was the last family member to be found, has now moved to Greenock to be with his loved ones.