A SHOCKED mum says her daughter was nearly killed by a reckless driver who jumped the red lights at a busy Greenock pedestrian crossing.

Claire McGarva, from Grieve Road, told the Tele her daughter Jessica Black, five, was within a fraction of being struck by a vehicle which ignored the red lights outside the Oak Mall in Dalrymple Street.

The near miss happened on Tuesday evening at about 5.15pm and has been reported to the police.

Claire, 42, who also had her older daughter Emily, nine, with her at the time, said Jessica left very shaken up.

She said the vehicle, which had a foreign number plate, was heading in the direction of the Bullring roundabout.

Claire said: “The lights were at red and the green man had come on.

“Every other vehicle had stopped.

“We were about three quarters of the way across and this vehicle, I’m not sure if it was a people carrier or a van, came through at a hell of a speed.

“If Jessica was just a wee fraction forward she would’ve been killed outright, as there was no way it was stopping.

“We just stopped and Jessica grabbed onto my leg — she was crying.”

Claire went across to Tesco where she met a police officer and explained what had happened to Jessica, a P1 pupil at Lady Alice Primary School.

She added: “I stopped him and told him what happened and he told me to phone and report it as soon as I could.

“One of the officers then came to the house.

“They are going to check the cameras in the area to see if they picked it up.”

Claire is also appealing for anyone who saw the incident to contact the police.

She said: “There were a few people crossing at the same time when this driver jumped the lights at speed, and plenty of stationary vehicles.

“If you saw what happened please phone the police on 101.”

Claire is now calling for cameras to be put on the crossing to protect pedestrians.

She added: “I have seen drivers going through these lights a bit late but I’ve never experienced anything like that before.

“There should be a camera on it at all times as a deterrent.”