A WAR veteran former soldier whom a court heard had turned to heroin to combat post traumatic stress disorder crashed a car into a garden whilst in possession of the drug.

Craig Folan smashed a Vauxhall Corsa through a fence in Larkfield after midnight — then told the householder that he'd skidded on black ice.

Greenock Sheriff Court heard how the 36-year-old had been 'self-medicating' on heroin following tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Prosecutor Meghan Glancey said: "At 12.40am the witness was asleep at home and was woken by voices outside.

"She looked out into the street and saw that a car had crashed into her front garden, causing damage to the fence.

"The witness saw the accused attempting to reverse the vehicle, but it was stuck and was unable to be moved.

"The accused stated that he'd hit black ice."

The ex-serviceman pleaded guilty to driving without due care and attention and failing to keep the car under proper control, driving without insurance and being in possession of heroin.

He committed the offences on November 29 last year at Nairn Road.

His not guilty pleas to taking and driving the vehicle without the consent of its owner and driving solo without 'L' plates or supervision whilst being the holder of a provisional licence were accepted by the Crown.

Defence lawyer Ellen Macdonald said that her client had been diagnosed with PTSD and had not worked since 2015 following eight years with the Armed Services.

Ms Macdonald said: "He has recently been self-medicating on heroin. Mr Folan is very candid that he is using drugs at the moment.

"He is interested in undertaking a drug treatment and testing order (DTTO)."

Sheriff Derek Hamilton placed the ex-serviceman, of Ann Street, Greenock, on a DTTO and set a review hearing for May 2.