Picture taken on Friday 6th April.

Mickey Mouse is Tanya, Minnie is Diane, they are joined by Karla and Mark Stevenson.


THE family of a brave little girl who survived serious burns has raised more than £700 for a charity which is close to their hearts.

Karla Peacock was only three when she suffered second and third degree burns after an horrific accident with a candle.

The youngster, who is now 12, had to undergo a series of operations and as a result suffers from nerve damage.

She is due to go through her next procedure on April 18 to help to relieve her symptoms.

Her family looked to the Scottish Burned Children's Club for support and haven't looked back since.

Tanya, 34, says she can still vividly recall the day of the accident.

She said: "It was horrible. There are no other words to describe it. I will never forget her screams and cries.

"I could smell burning from her hair.

"She told me later she was practising blowing her birthday candles out.

"She spent 10 weeks in hospital and we didn't know if it was going to affect her eyesight."

Karla, lives in Bardrainney Avenue, with her mum and older siblings, Katlyn, 16, and Callum, 14.

She was left with burns to her forehead and scalp and went through a procedure whereby a silicon balloon implant was inserted to stretch the skin

Tanya said: "She had a bad bleed and one of her nerves became damaged and she suffers from joint pain."

The charity which helps Karla runs day trips, weekends away and summer camps and aims to help children in the rehabilitation process.

Karla, a Port Glasgow High School pupil, has been to the summer camps and made lots of friends through the charity.

She said: "I think it's amazing.

"It's like a second home, I've made new friends and I know I'm not the only one who has burned themselves."

Karla's gran Diane Scott and her friend Carol Lindsay collected funds for the club by organising a reunion for people who grew up in the Whitecroft area of Port Glasgow.

There were special appearances from Mickey and Minnie Mouse who turned up to present the cheque to the charity.

The bash in Port Glasgow Bowling Club was a great success, raising £720.

Diane, 55, said: "We're really pleased, we exceeded our target."

Diane wants to thank everyone for their support, including Carol, DJ Alan Bell and his partner Stephanie McLaughlin and everyone who make donations.

Mark Stevenson, the retired fire officer who founded the club, said: "It's an amazing donation. This will enable two children to come to our summer camps.

"We have more than 55 families registered from across Scotland and two dozen children come to the summer camp.

"It gives children confidence to say 'I've got a mark, don't just stare. I'm a burns survivor and I'm doing alright."