A TEACHER from Greenock spent her summer holiday from school writing her first children's book which is now nearing completion.

Claire McNicol, 35, who teaches primary one pupils at Lady Alice, teamed up with her cousin Francesco Ottaviano, 28, to produce Go Away Bruce!

Claire has had a long-term interest in writing a book and her cousin is a graphic designer who was interested in getting into illustration.

The book, about an alien who doesn't fit in, is written in rhyme and aimed at kids aged between five and eight.

Claire said: "It has been good fun.

"It has been a long but enjoyable process and we have worked well together.

"Me and Francesco are quite close so we never fought, if we had any concerns or changes we just picked up the phone and had a chat, we both wanted it to be great and I couldn't have done it without him.

"We needed each other to complete it. I wrote it and he illustrated it so we had to work as a team, it really has been a joint effort and we are delighted with what we have produced."

Francesco added: "I have done work on books before with the Magic Torch heritage group but it's been good to have creative control. It's exciting to see a final product come together and it's something I'd like to do again."

The pair are self-publishing the book and have already received 50 orders.

Claire added: "Our family are really supportive of it and my colleagues are excited.

"Friends and family have already ordered their copies and my lecturer from university who inspired me has also purchased a copy, which is really nice.

"The head teacher at Lady Alice has been so supportive and the pupils in my class are excited to see it.

"I just hope it helps promotes a love of reading."

Claire and Francesco plan to launch the book at an event in Central Library on May 5 from 10-11am.