BANK bosses are under fire after making more cuts to services in Kilmacolm.

RBS is to reduce the number of times its mobile branch visits the village, from the end of May.

The mobile unit, which had been used to fill the gap left by the controversial closure of the office branch in 2015, will be cut to just two days.

At present the mobile bank is available at the village on Mondays, Tuesdays and and Fridays for one hour.

From May 29 this will be cut to just Mondays and Thursdays.

The move has angered MSP Derek Mackay and MP Ronnie Cowan.

Mr Mackay said: "This is disappointing news from RBS, not only have they reduced the service to customers across the area even further – they’ve done so by quietly changing the timetable as opposed to being straight with people.

“It’s time for RBS to be upfront with customers – this kind of behaviour erodes trust in the bank even further after their shameful rounds of closures over the last few years.”

Mr Cowan says the decision comes as no surprise to him as he was sceptical about the mobile branch from the start.

He said: "I predicted the service would reduce as it was unsuitable for many residents from day one.

"The mobile bank is not wheelchair accessible and customers have to queue outside in all weather.

“It was never going to be well used and I am not surprised the service is now being reduced.

"I am disappointed that a better service was never provided."

A Royal Bank of Scotland spokesperson explained that the changes were made in response to the changes in the way their customers are banking.

The spokesperson said: "We have reviewed the schedules of our mobile branches and added more stops; many of these new stops will cover areas where, unfortunately, an existing branch will be closing, but also some communities where we haven’t had a branch before.

"This does also mean that in some communities we may have to spend less time, but we welcome feedback on how these services are running, and have already committed to reviewing these timetables on a monthly basis."