A NEW camera has been put in place to tackle the 'horrific' speed of drivers who are putting lives at risk in Larkfield.

Road safety officers Alan Thomson recently slammed the sheer number of drivers breaking the 30mph limit on Cumberland Road.

Now a fixed camera has been put in place and is ready to be switched on to deter irresponsible motorists from breaking the law.

Monitoring on the busy route has shown that 60 per cent of drivers travel above the limit both in Cumberland Road and Larkfield Road.

Almost 150 cars a day reached speeds of 45mph or more.

A series of collisions raised the alarm, with Police Scotland concluding that speed was a significant factor in almost all of them.

And it comes as the community council also called for drivers to slow down.

West Safety Camera Unit manager Alan Thomson said: "The speed of drivers in Cumberland Road is horrific.

"It is a built up area with houses all along it.

"Our job is to look out for clusters.

"Over a period of time in Cumberland Road from 2013 to 2015 there was one fatality, two serious injuries and five slight injuries from collisions.

"The job of a speed camera is to change behaviour and slow people down.

"If you can reduce the speed of drivers you will reduce the number of accidents and people getting hurt.

"In almost every collision speed is factor."

Drivers caught by the camera will face a fine of £100 and three penalty points.

Although campaigners in the area have welcomed the introduction of a speed camera, they are concerned about its specific location.

Larkfield Braeside and Branchton Community Council chairman Stephen Regan said: "We welcome anything to reduce speeds but I did point out that it might be in the wrong place.

"I think it should be nearer the schools but time will tell."