A RESCUE package has been put in place to get Whinhill Golf Club out of the rough - with a youth policy at the heart of it.

Members feared the future of the club was under threat when council bosses told members it was too expensive to run.

Council bosses proposed offloading it to a third party to save £150,000 as part of a list of cutbacks.

'The Whinny' received a reprieve at the council's budget meeting, but was told it had to save £20,000 a year.

A new pricing plan has now been put in place to encourage more members of the public to play a round there.

Secretary John Lawrence said: "We have a new pricing structure agreed by the board.

"Previously a round of golf was £19.25 and this has been slashed to £13 with food including a bacon roll, soup and sandwiches.

"The maximum package of £23 is for two rounds of golf, soup, sandwiches and high tea.

"We need to get the customers back, increase footfall and get members of the public."

Other key incentives include reducing the junior season ticket fee for under-16s from £99 to £50.

He said: "We have nearly 40 members in our junior section and this will encourage them to buy a season ticket."

Mr Lawrence believes this change will reap rewards in the future but is already heartened after seeing more people coming along to play the municipal course.

He said: "I went up one Friday morning and couldn't find a hole to play on.

"What a turnaround - it's been the cost that has been putting people off."

The new charges, implemented on April 1 were agreed in conjunction with the council with season ticket holders paying slightly more to fund reduced fees for non-members.

Mr Lawrence said: "We want to praise the council for their actions and for coming on board, particularly Martin McNab, the head of safer and inclusive communities and chief executive Aubrey Fawcett.