KILMACOLM Library was packed with people recently for the launch of a book about the area.

Deborah Winters, 79, was diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomlylitis (ME), also known as chronic fatigue syndrome, 26 years ago.

ME causes fever, aching, prolonged tiredness and depression and it’s estimated to affect 250,000 people in the UK.

Deborah was previously very active and after finding herself tired all the time joined a writers group to keep her busy. It was there she found her love of writing about Kilmacolm.

Deborah was determined to play her part in boosting research into ME and also Motor Neurone Disease (MND), to which she lost her father.

Unable to run marathons or climb hills, she used her love of writing to raise money and has now produced her second book Tales of Kilmacolm.

Deborah recently launched the event in the local library during ME Awareness Week and was delighted with the response it received.

Around 40 people attended the launch where Deborah told them a little about the illness and the impact it has on her life. She then read from the book before everyone enjoyed tea, coffee and a bite to eat before picking up a copy of the book.

Deborah Said: "The launch went very well and everyone was in a sociable mood. I met locals who had left the village and it was good to catch up with them."

On the day around 50 books were sold, much to Deborah's delight. Tales of Kilmacolm is now available in three local shops, the Cross Cafe, Kilmacolm Newsagent in Market Place and the Post Office in Octavia Buildings.

Deborah has been invited along to sell her book at an MND coffee morning in June.

Deborah is donating the money from the sales of her book to help with research into ME and also Motor Neurone Disease.

Deborah said: “I don’t have a fundraising target set for the book, I just hope people enjoy it and that it makes them laugh.

“It’s my gift to the village and any money raised will go towards research for ME and MND.”

Deborah extended her thanks to everyone who made it along on the day.

She said: "Pamela, the local librarian did great job of setting out the area into a welcoming venue and supporting the event in every way she could. Thanks goes to one of my friends, Marjory Taylor, who helped with tea and coffee and everyone who came along to the event."