A PENSIONER who assaulted his wife and daughter at a time when his 46-year marriage was in trouble has been spared punishment.

Lewis Murray, 68, spat chewing gum at his spouse and then placed her in a headlock after punching his daughter on the face when she tried to intervene.

He committed the assaults after clambering through the bathroom window of the matrimonial home in Gourock eight days after he and his wife had separated.

Murray, of Cloch Road, pleaded guilty last November to carrying out the assaults.

His denial of an allegation that he entered the house uninvited, shouted, swore, acted aggressively and made offensive remarks was accepted by the Crown.

Murray has been admonished on the assault matters after Greenock Sheriff Court heard that he has been of good behaviour since the incidents.

Prosecutor Lindy Scaife told the court previously: "The accused gained access to the house through the bathroom window and he went to the living room.

"An argument ensued and the accused spat chewing gum in his wife's face.

"At that point their daughter intervened and she was punched on the face by the accused, who then grabbed his wife and put her in a headlock.

"The daughter contacted the police and the accused left."

Fiscal depute Ms Scaife added: "The accused had been separated for eight days prior to the incident."

The court heard that Murray had taken co-codamol tablets and had drank alcohol on top of them on the day of the incidents.

His punch was said in court to have 'skimmed' his daughter's lip.

Defence lawyer Ellen Macdonald told a sentencing hearing: "Mr and Mrs Murray have been together for 46 years, and he has no (criminal) record."

Sheriff Thomas Ward said: "You've now got a conviction, Mr Murray, but you've been of good behaviour, so you'll be admonished."