A STAR of legendary Scottish band Teenage Fanclub is heading to Greenock for a special performance.

Vocalist and bass player Gerry Love will DJ at West Blackhall Street bar and restaurant Fenwick 47 on Saturday June 16.
He will launch the first of the venue’s new ‘Back to Mine’ music nights in collaboration with Greenock DJ and promoter, Andrew ‘McD’ McDermid.

Fenwick’s general manager, Alex McGilp, said: “I’ve worked with McD for 30 years and we both feel Fenwick 47 has the right ambience for a ‘toe-tapping’ night rather than trying to turn it into a dancefloor after the food service finishes.

“This will be the first of the ‘Back To Mine’ nights that we intend to run at the venue and we’re over the moon to get Gerry.”

As well as organising the gig, McD is also a huge fan of Gerry and the band, who he holds in the same regard as The Beatles and REM.

He said: “Teenage Fanclub are such a cool band and have held people’s attention for such a long time.

“In terms of my music collection, the only bands I have more record by are The Beatles and REM.

“Apart from both Alex and myself being massive fans of TFC, I have been at a few of Gerry’s DJ nights and he plays a great set - primarily soul, 60s garage and psych.”

The band shot to fame in the ‘90s and have released a string of critically-acclaimed records, including three UK top 10 albums - ‘Songs from Northern Britain’, ‘Grand Prix’ and ‘Here’.

Their A-list admirers over the years have included the late Kurt Cobain and Liam Gallagher.

Gerry will be on from 9.30pm and admission is free.