A GREENOCK mum with severe epilepsy is facing yet another tribunal to fight a decision denying her lifeline disability benefits.

Mum Pauline Wotherspoon is being forced to go before a panel once again as she appeals a decision to refuse her Personal Independent Payments PIP).

Despite suffering from memory loss and seizures where she slips into unconsciousness, the 42-year-old was told by the benefit bosses she did not quality for support to help with daily living and mobility issues.

At her first appeal she endured a torrid time while trying to represent herself and a panel branded her a 'liar' in a damning judgement.

Pauline was diagnosed with grand mal epilepsy when she was just seven, faced a battle with eating disorder bulimia as a teenager and has suffered from mental health problems ever since.

The mum-of-two from Cawdor Crescent says the thought of another hearing ordeal fills her with dread.

She told the Tele: "I have to admit I am in such state about this after the last time.

"I haven't been good at the thought of a tribunal hearing.

"It is just something that I have to do."

Pauline, who lives with her husband Thomas, 59, and her son Kyle, 13, suffers from at least one seizure a week which leave her unable to go out on her own.

She has been suicidal in the past as a result of uncontrollable episodes of epilepsy.

She'd previously been entitled to help under disability living allowance benefit yet the Department for Work and Pensions decided she did not meet the criteria for its replacement, PIP.

This has resulted in a loss of £73 a week and Pauline has been battling it ever since.

Inverclyde MP Ronnie Cowan has been pressing the UK Government about their record on PIP.

He is concerned that constituents with mental health illnesses have not yet received money they are entitled to, after a court ruling in their favour.

The MP says he has dealt with 116 cases specifically related to PIP and has hit out at ministers for failing to make payments so far.

Mr Cowan said: "This is unacceptable and will be of deep frustration to my constituents who have been informed they are to receive further welfare support but without a timeframe for receiving this support."

But Pauline, who suffers from mental health problems, has not had a letter telling her she is entitled to money and will instead face another appeal tribunal next month.

She said: "I have a number of things I want to try and put across this time.

"But I am not holding out much hope.