A GOUROCK man was caught drunk driving at five-and-a-half times the booze limit after making murder threats against his former partner and her new boyfriend.

Kevin McHenery, 49, had 122mcg of alcohol in 100ml of breath when police stopped him on Fife Road, Greenock, in June last year.

The offence came two months after McHenery phoned in a death threat against his ex and her new partner, which was played on loudspeaker for a 999 police call handler to hear.

Greenock Sheriff Court heard how dad-of-three McHenery — who had a 26-year relationship with the woman — also hurled verbal abuse during the 11-minute call.

Prosecutor Saud Ul Hassan said: "Whilst on the phone the witness made a 999 call and placed the accused on loudspeaker.

"It was recorded that he continued with his abuse and threats of violence, stating that he was going to murder the witness and her boyfriend.

"He referred to the boyfriend in derogatory terms and threatened that he was 'getting it'.

"Police were contacted and attended and officers listened to the 999 call, which lasted 11 minutes."

Of the drunk-driving matter, fiscal depute Mr Ul Hassan stated: "Police officers were on the lookout for a described Transit van following a report that its male driver was under the influence of alcohol.

"Police instructed the vehicle to stop, which it did, opened the driver's side door and noted a strong smell of alcohol emanating from the accused.

"The key was removed from the van's ignition.

"The accused's words were slurred, he failed a roadside breath test and was taken to Greenock police office where he provided two further samples of his breath with lower reading now before the court."

McHenery, of Binnie Street in Gourock, committed the offences on June 16 and April 24 last year.

He also admitted a charge of breaching bail last December by contacting a woman he'd been ordered by a sheriff to stay away from.

Defence lawyer Edel McGinty said: "Mr McHenery's position is that his ex has effectively been trying to get him into trouble.

"He has been candid regarding the drink-driving matter and he pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity."

Miss McGinty added: "He has had difficulties with alcohol.

"His position is that the phone call was made after months of harassment from the complainer, and he just snapped."

Sheriff Andrew McIntyre deferred sentence on all matters until June 13.