FLY-TIPPERS have dumped almost an entire kitchen and bathroom at an Inverclyde beauty spot.

A mountain of rubbish - including a cooker, a bath tub and fridge-freezer - was discovered next to Gryffe Reservoir by Greenock man Ewan Taylor.

It's the second time in as many months that fly-tippers have used the area - between Old Largs Road and Kilmacolm Road - to illegally dump household items and building materials.

Among the latest find were doors, wood, plasterboard, plastic tubs and containers, chairs, bricks, broken up cupboards, a sink column, high-visibility work jackets and general waste.

Ewan, who is 42, said: "This isn't the first time stuff has been dumped there but it is by far the worst I've seen.

"They've deliberately picked this place and it's shocking that these guys keep getting away with it.

"I believe it's private land so it's a shame for the farmer who will have to pay for the clean-up."

The Greenock man was in the area training for the Evolve Skateboards World Cup in California later this year when he stumbled across the illegal dumping ground at around 11am on Thursday.

He hopes the shocking images and footage of the mess will encourage fellow Inverclyde residents to think twice about the tradespeople they use to do work in their homes and ask questions about where rubbish will be disposed of.

Ewan said: "People need to keep track of who they get to do their kitchens and make sure things are disposed of properly.

"I had stuff dumped in the car park at my house before and had to pay for it to be removed because it's private land.

"It's filthy."

Last month, a dog walker also stumbled across a huge amount of rubbish illegally chucked away in the same area.

Items included a bath, doors, a fridge, nails and broken glass, which the lady warned poses a serious risk for pets and wildlife.

Visit to see video footage of the latest mountain of rubbish.