MODEL and reality TV star Katie Price made a surprise visit to Inverclyde - to go for a sunbed in Port Glasgow.

The celebrity visited HOT! Tanning Salon on Crawford Street on Friday afternoon during a relaxing weekend on the west coast.

She visited the Port for a sunbed before heading to Langbank restaurant Coast for dinner, where she happily posed for pictures including with manager Leon.

The former Celebrity Big Brother winner was rumoured to have stayed at the Gleddoch Hotel.

Staff at HOT! in the Port town centre were delighted when she popped in for a sunbed at around 3.45pm.

Manager Caroline Beith, who was working at the time, said: "She was in for a wee sun bed.

"She was lovely, very nice.

"Her boyfriend, her manager and a cameraman were with her.

"She came in and went for a sun bed and hung about for about 20 minutes then had to go because she had some sort of show to go to."

Despite having a celebrity customer, staff kept the salon open.

Caroline said: "I did get a phone call to be fair, about half an hour before she arrived.

"But I didn't close the salon - it's the regulars who pay the bills."

That night, reality show star Katie popped into Coast for a meal.

A spokesperson for the Langbank restaurant said: "It was our absolute pleasure to welcome Katie Price to Coast for some fantastic food and drinks.

"We are delighted to say she thoroughly enjoyed her visit and has promised us she will be visiting again soon on her next visit to the area and Loch Lomond."

The TV personality posted a photo on social media site Instagram on Friday looking out across the River Clyde towards Dumbarton.

She said: "Being a single mum, I'm now about to enjoy my healthy fitness weekend away."