A GREENOCK hairdressing salon is 'streets ahead' as it offers clients al fresco cuts outdoors.

Alan Stocks, who owns Room 2 in West Blackhall Street, says his open air service has proved very popular, especially with cruise ship passengers.

He hopes his fresh idea will go some way to help regenerate the town centre and make it look and feel more cosmopolitan.

Alan said: "I was recently at a meeting about regeneration in the town and I came out with the idea that to make the town more cosmopolitan, businesses could put tables and chairs outside and they thought it was a great idea.

"I have started offering clients the option of going outside the salon.

"It is going really well, especially when the cruise ships are in and we have the nice weather.

"It creates a real buzz.

"The passengers take photos and ask lots of questions."

Alan says that as well as his loyal local customers, he also has customers coming off the cruise ships from all over the world including Australia, America and New Zealand.

He believes it's vitally important for town centre businesses to be forward-thinking and look at innovative ways to breathe new life back into the town and entice cruise passengers to stay in Greenock.

Alan said: "I think it's important to do something to keep the cruise passengers here.

"This is one way to try and regenerate West Blackhall Street."