A DEADLY haul of nearly 30 firearms has been surrendered in Inverclyde as part of a national gun amnesty.

Among the arsenal of weapons were nine air guns, five shotguns - including two double-barrelled shotguns - four pistols and two World War 2 rifles.

CS gas pellets, used in military training were also handed in, while ammunition and replica guns were also given up at Greenock Police Station.

Sergeant Laura Stewart said: "Locally it is a significant amount of interest to us.

"If these fell into the wrong hands they could be deadly.

"There is no suggestion that these weapons were being used for criminality or anything else.

"But the public are safer with these weapons off the streets.

The amnesty ran for two weeks and all weapons received have been made safe by trained officers.

Constable Davy Stevenson, firearms licensing officer, revealed there was a 'James Bond 007' Walther PPK and a Magnum 357, made famous by the Hollywood film Dirty Harry, in the haul.

Most weapons will be destroyed and others will be tested by ballistics experts.

Senior officer Superintendent Simon Wright has thanked the public for their co-operation with the amnesty.

He said: "Initiatives like the Firearms Surrender Campaign are a really effective way for members of the public to dispose of weapons safely.

"There are many reasons why people may possess such items and while they do, there is always the potential that they may fall into the wrong hands.

"I would like to thank the public for their co-operation with this initiative and undoubtedly our communities are safer for the removal and subsequent destruction of the surrendered weapons."