A GOUROCK mum has transformed her life and at the age of 45 has become a Scottish masters bikini fitness athlete.

Timea Bradley was standing in a changing room in the Oak Mall in 2011 at the age of 38 when she decided her lifestyle had to change.

She had always struggled with her weight and when she tried on a size 16 outfit and it didn't fit she decided not to buy a size 18.

That night Timea attempted to a run for the first time and was struggling after about 100 yards.

She joined a gym, starting by walking on the treadmill to build up her stamina.

She then started running and after two years was down to a size 10.

Timea said: “The whole process was hard and I was glad to be down to a size 10 but I still didn’t feel confident in myself.

"I was insecure.”

It was when a friend showed her a picture of a fitness model that Timea became determined to get in shape and in May 2015 Timea entered her first competition.

She said: “I decided to just go for it, had a few posing lessons and off I went.

“I was really awkward but I just went for it.

"I have really fond memories of it, it was a turning point, the start of my journey.”

At her second show Timea took second place in the Scottish Championships.

Timea, who is known as Tenacious T, has now qualified for the PCA World Championships on October 28 in Birmingham.

She has amassed a following of more than 10,000 people on social media.

She said: “Other people have been the most difficult part of my journey.

"They judged me for trying to make changes at the age of almost 40, they looked down on me.

“But now I have followers from all over the world and my son Nathan, 20, who is and has always been my biggest fan.”

Timea is hoping to use her transformation and success to inspire other women.

She said: “I’m the healthiest and happiest I’ve ever been.

"I want to show all women that you are never too old to become a better version of yourself.”