A COMMUNITY nursing duo who have spent together caring for the most vulnerable patients in Inverclyde enjoyed a joint send off.

Stalwarts Margaret Doolan and Fay Cooke, who worked in Greenock Health Centre, retired at the same time.

For most of that time they have worked together nursing people in their homes and supporting families.

As part of a wider team they have play a crucial role in caring for the elderly, patients recovering in their own homes and those at the end of their life.

Margaret Doolan, 68, from Gourock, said: "I have worked as auxiliary for more than 40 years.

"I just love caring for people and I will miss it.

"It has been great working in the community and particularly with the elderly.

"You really get to know people when you are going in to their homes.

"There is a bond and a trust there.

"The role has changed a lot over the years but it is all about caring."

Margaret, who'd previously worked in Ravenscraig Hospital is all set to enjoy her retirement with her partner Vivian, as they go touring in their caravan.

She also hopes to spend more time with her family, son Robert and two grandchildren Dennis and Stephen.

She has worked with staff nurse Fay for 20 years based in Dr Hussain's practice.

Staff nurse Fay, from Greenock's Garvock Drive, says she will miss the camaraderie with patients and colleagues.

She said: "Margaret and I have been working together forever.

"I will miss her and all my colleagues.

"It has been a privilege to care for patients, I loved the hands-on nursing."

Fay first started in nursing in 1990, at Inverclyde Royal's accident and emergency department.

She will now be able to spend more time with her husband Ronnie, daughters Julie-ann and Mariann.

She also has three grandchildren - Ciaran, 18, Neve, 13 and Isabella, who is six.

The departing duo's close knit team of colleagues organised a special celebration for them and say they will be greatly missed.

District nurse Cath O'Hara said: "We have all known each other a long time and we will miss both Margaret and Fay.

"It is a great team of community nurses we have."