ALLEGED Port murder victim Terence McGeown died when a knife went through his skull and into his brain, a pathologist has told the High Court.

Dr Julie McAdam was giving evidence yesterday at the trial of 25-year-old Gary McKenna, who denies murdering 38-year-old Mr McGeown by repeatedly striking him on the head and body with a knife on July 8 last year at a house in Broadstone Avenue.

Dr McAdam told prosecutor Duncan McPhie that Mr McGeown, who was 6ft 1in and weighed 12 stones, was stabbed three times – once through his left temple, once to the top of his right shoulder and once to his right forearm.

The pathologist said: “The stab wound to the left temple entered the skull, penetrated the brain and cut the main artery. 

“That was the fatal wound. 

“That part of the skull is the thinnest part.”

Dr McAdam said the blow may have required ‘considerable force’.

Defence QC Ian Duguid asked Dr McAdam: “You were asked about the force used and you said it was considerable, but it could depend on whether a person is moving towards the other or vice versa.

She replied: “Yes.”

The QC added: “It also depends on the sturdiness of the knives, does it not?”

Dr McAdam replied: “Yes, that’s correct.”

The trial, before Lord Matthews, continues.