A PAIR of young scientists from Inverclyde are sending their award-winning experiment into space.

Connie McLachlan of St Stephen's High and Notre Dame's AlannaJane Kelly are part of a team chosen to attend in the a special academy with university boffins.

The 15-year-olds worked on Mission Discovery with other pupils from across Renfrewshire on an experiment which explores the effects of microgravity on the breakdown on Vitamin C.

The hi-tech experiment will now be sent to the International Space Station.

Connie, who suffers from anxiety and has a hearing impairment, says she is proud of being involved in the initiative.

She said: "It was a bit daunting going up to the university and not knowing anyone but I'm glad I pushed myself.

"I am excited about the academy.

"It's a good opportunity."

Connie is studying physics, design engineering, practical woodwork, music technology, English and Maths at National 5 level.

She is also a sea cadet and hopes to become a marine engineer.

Connie said: "I am interested in space but I don't think I could be an astronaut, so I think I can transfer my skills to be a marine engineer and travel the world."

Connie, who lives in Northfield Avenue, Port Glasgow, says her parents Sandra and Neil and her four sisters are thrilled by her achievement.

The school's principal teacher of science Sean Stevens said: "We are really proud that Connie took part in something that was outside her comfort zone.

"It's good for her interpersonal skills."

The team's hypothesis is that microgravity will speed up the rate of Vit C deterioration.

Benefits from the experiment will help to find a way to preserve Vitamin C for longer and give supplements to astronauts who suffer deficiencies.

AlannaJane, from Greenock, said: "It's quite cool being part of an experiment that will go up in space.

"It was really exciting to be involved."

The teenager is studying physics, chemistry, history, arts and maths and English at National Five level and wants to be a chemical engineer.

She said: "I like science, it's really interesting and you learn something different every day.

AlannaJane who has three brothers and a sister said her parents Annette and Michael are really proud.

Cara McPurnie of Notre Dame, said: "We're really excited for Connie.

"It's great for AlannaJane and for the school as well."