TWO striking pieces of public artwork will be be unveiled in Greenock later this year.

An eye-catching sculpture, depicting a phoenix rising from flames, is proposed for the Broomhill Gardens and Community Hub.

In addition, a stone sculpture inspired by the the Greenock Cut is also set to be installed in Ann Street.

Funded by Creative Scotland and managed by Rig Arts, the Phoenix sculpture is a nod to the history of the site of the former Mearns Street school and the home of the Caledonian Foundry.

It will either be called 'The Broomhill Phoenix' or 'Lest We Forget' and will be made from stone recycled from the gateposts of the former Mearns Street School.

In a statement submitted as part of of the planning application, it says: "The sculpture refers to the regeneration of Broomhill and the former occupants of the site.

"Broomhill Gardens and Community Hub are located on what was once the site of Mearns Street school.

"The adjacent site to the west was the home of the Caledonian Foundry.

"The stone used in the sculpture column was once the gateposts of the Dempster Street entrance to the school which is being recycled."

The sculpture will also feature mosaics to depict four of the main skills employed in the Caledonian works.

Each craftsman is shown completing a stage in the manufacture of the flames that soar above them to eventually form the Phoenix.

Meanwhile, the other sculpture, known as 'The Cut, takes inspiration from the Greenock Cut.

Funded by Riverside Inverclyde and taken forward by Rig Arts, this sculpture is set to be installed in Ann Street.