A DEAF train passenger was left stranded and had to walk home at 1am after ScotRail sent his train to Wemyss Bay instead of Gourock.

A problem with the overhead power supply at Fort Matilda meant that late night trains could not reach Gourock on Saturday night and the last service leaving Glasgow at 11.50pm was diverted.

Customers were advised by staff to disembark at Port Glasgow, pictured, for replacement transport to Greenock and Gourock, but Jamie Dow, who has a profound hearing impairment, says he was left in the dark.

Jamie, 30, had initially planned to get an earlier train but it was cancelled.

He said: “When I approached a ticket conductor at the barriers, he didn't know what was happening and said I should find the duty manager.

"Being deaf, there was a breakdown in communication when he gave me instructions to find that person, so I went through the station and asked another conductor where the manager was.

“He seemed resistant to telling me, and simply told me to board the train.

"Pressing him further, he said there might be replacement services at Port Glasgow, but didn't seem to know.”

Jamie got off at Branchton and had to walk home from there to Gourock at 1am following the breakdown in communication.

Other angry passengers took to social media to slam ScotRail over their handling of the situation.

One Twitter user said: “Staff at Glasgow told passengers for Gourock and Greenock to get off at Port Glasgow for replacement bus.

"There was no bus.

"And no taxis.”

It's understood around 50 people who followed ScotRail's advice were left stuck outside the Port station with no onward transport.

Jamie believes that more could have been done to make all passengers aware of what was happening.

He said: “There were several empty display boards at the station that could have been utilised to provide clear and succinct instructions for Gourock passengers, the display on the trains could have been utilised too, and there should have been a passenger liaison officer on the train to address the issu."

ScotRail said: “We’re very sorry to hear of Mr Dow’s experience, and we would invite him to contact our customer relations team so that we can help put things right.

“Anyone who arrived 30 minutes or more late is entitled to compensation under our Delay Repay guarantee.

"To claim, simply keep hold of your ticket and visit our website.”