PORT town centre businesses are to hold summit talks to discuss its future.

Port Glasgow Traders' Association say business is booming and they want to capitalise on the boost.

Councillor Drew McKenzie says more shoppers are now coming into the area but shopkeepers are keen to make sure this trend continues.

He said: "Port Glasgow town centre is starting to thrive - many businesses within the town are experiencing increased footfall and there are fewer empty shops units than for a very long time.

"Inverclyde Council are also investing in a number of their own shops in John Wood Street with a view to having them presented to the market soon.

"We have a lot of unfinished business in the Port and if we are to drive the town forward to make it a great place to shop and to work then the traders really have to play a leading role.

"The council have shown over the past ten years that they are receptive to working in partnership with the traders in order to achieve the best possible results.

"The traders though have a responsibility to make their voices heard - and heard in a constructive manner.

"We have thousands of people shopping daily at the new retail park along the road.

"It is our task to try and make the town centre an attractive place to visit, with as many good independent shops as possible offering a wide and varied range of services.

"There are now over eighty businesses operating within the town centre area.

"Port Glasgow has a lot to offer - and it's getting better"

The meeting will also see the election of a new chairperson who will represent traders on the town's regeneration forum.

Shopkeepers will receive updates on financial assistance available to help invest in their businesses.

The meeting takes place on Tuesday at 5pm in the offices of 7 1/2 John Wood Street at 5pm.

Councillor McKenzie said:"I would hope that many of the businesses within the town centre will be represented.

"Working together there is much that can be achieved."