TWO schoolgirls who share the same name and both live in Greenock are seeing double after achieving straight As in their exams.

St Stephen’s High pupil Emily Stevenson, pictured left, and her Notre Dame namesake are celebrating top marks in their National 5s.

The 16-year-olds, who were born just days apart on June 28 and July 3 respectively, both aced English, maths and physics.

Notre Dame pupil Emily also earned As in history, music and chemistry while the other Emily succeeded in geography, business management and administration.

St Stephen’s pupil Emily, from Poplar Street, told the Tele: “It’s nice that my hard work has paid off.

“I did well in my prelims but I wasn’t sure about the exams.

“I had mixed feelings because I thought some went okay and some not so good but I’m really pleased.

“When I found out about the other Emily it was a surprise, especially because her mum is my English teacher.”

Her delighted dad Jim was thrilled with his daughter’s success.

He said: “We expected her to do well but not that well. “This is absolutely fantastic.”

Emotional mum Maureen added: “I’m incredibly proud.”

Notre Dame straight A student Emily, who lives in Crawhin Gardens, says she was apprehensive about opening her results email this morning but overjoyed with her grades.

She said: “The results came through just after 8am and I didn’t want to check them at first.

“I’m glad I got what I wanted and I’m chuffed, without sounding bigheaded.

“I like history and wanted to do really well with that – and English – but I also did well with my sciences so it’s a good start.”

Proud dad Joe, who teaches at St Columba’s High, said: “Sometimes we had to ask her to stop studying, which is unusual for two teachers.

“We always had Emily picked for her name and it’s ironic that 16 years later the two of them are in the Tele together.”

It was double delight for mum Gillian, who teaches the other Emily at St Stephen’s.

She said: “Our Emily put in an immense amount of work, she deserves the success and we’re both delighted for her.

“The other Emily is a really clever, lovely girl as well.

“It’s always nerve-wracking waiting on results for your own pupils but it’s different when it’s your own.”