A GREENOCK resident says glass on the ground next to recycling bins poses a danger to the public.

Ian Garrity wants the council to clear up the broken glass next to the containers at Regent Court.

The 70-year-old, who lives in Trafalgar Street, said it is an accident waiting to happen.

He said: "The ground is covered in small pieces of glass.

"It could be dangerous especially for kids who play outside and it needs a proper clean-up.

"It could also be dangerous for pets.

"People shouldn't have to walk through broken glass to get to the recycling bins."

Ian says the area should be inspected on a regular basis.

He said: "When the bins get emptied, the glass starts to break up and smashes and some of it ends up on the ground."

A spokesman from Inverclyde Council said they will look into the matter.

He said: "We will take a look at this particular location.

"The recycling points we have in local communities across Inverclyde are cleared regularly.

"If there is any issue with putting material in, residents should take it to another one.

"If, for example, the recycling points are full, leaving waste beside or near just adds to litter in the community.

"We also have a large recycling centre at Pottery Street in Greenock which has capacity to take a large amount of recycling material and other waste.

"We would encourage residents to bring waste there if they are able to, particularly if they find that local recycling points are full.”