OWNERS of buildings in Port Glasgow Industrial Estate are to be offered cash incentives of up to £30,000 to demolish units left lying empty for years.

In recent years buildings on the estate have become a target for anti-social behaviour and vandalism.

Now council bosses want regenerate the area and support remaining employers.

They have come up with a proposal to contribute towards the cost of pulling down vacant premises.

Port Glasgow councillor David Wilson, who has warned that the vacant buildings are dangerous, says he is firmly behind the plan.

Mr Wilson told the Telegraph: "The factories are in a state of disrepair with broken windows and the boardings are falling off.

"It is unsightly and frankly unsafe.

"We have had problems with graffiti and people going onto the roofs."

The local authority's head of regeneration and planning Stuart Jamieson is proposing a 'support for demolition' programme.

It would see the council offer up to 20 per cent of costs or a maximum of £30,000 to owners of premises which have been derelict for longer than 12 months.

The likes of Playtex and North Face have left the industrial estate over the years but there are still important employers left including McLaren Packaging.

Inverclyde Council is looking at designating some of the area for housing.

Municipal Buildings bosses are proposing that the north east area should be changed from industrial use to residential.

Councillor Wilson said: "I very much support the council's proposals to demolish buildings which have no chance of being reused.

"I also support the plans to earmark some of the land for housing."