ELDERLY residents are living in fear of under age youths drinking and causing disorder in a Greenock east end street.

People living in the Bridgend Road area have told how they have been forced to call the police repeatedly to report anti social behaviour in the street.

Locals spoke out in letters of objection sent to the licensing board in response to a unsuccessful bid to try to stop a licensed grocer from getting the go-ahead to sell until 10pm at night.

Licensing board chair Councillor Ronnie Ahlfeld has now ordered community wardens to step in and keep a close eye on the area.

In one protest letter a resident living close by to the convenience store named in the application said: "We are demented with the crowds hanging about outside the shops waiting for people to buy alcohol.

"Then they go across to the park and hang about there until the small hours.

"We have had enough.

"We have called the police.

"They go away and then come back.

"I have had my car damaged.

"I don't even let my grandchildren play in the garden.

"I don't think they need to sell alcohol until 10pm.

"The purpose of this is to sell to youths and undesirables."

There were three strongly worded letters of objection.

Another resident added: "There are five off sales and three bookmakers.

"I think the area is well served, we don't need another off sales open until 10pm.

The owner, Stacey Loy - who lives in the area - had applied to Inverclyde Licensing Board for permission to sell alcohol from 10am to 10pm Monday to Sunday.

At this time they only sell alcohol from 10 am to 7pm Monday to Wednesday, Thursday to Saturday 10 am to 9pm and then Sunday to 2.30pm.

Police Scotland made no objections to the application because there were no crimes committed which were linked to the store and no problems identified.

After the hearing the licensing board agreed to grant the extension.

Chairman Mr Ahlfeld said: "We take the concerns raised by the residents seriously.

"We do not think it is a licensing issue.

"But we will ask our community wardens to monitor the area closely."