THE stage is set for Greenock's historic Sugar Sheds to become an arts venue this week.

Local drama company Drunk Enough Productions is using the Grade A-listed building to perform the comedy, 'Someone Who'll Watch Over Me', which runs from Thursday to Saturday.

Starring in the play are Greenock actors Kevin Murphy, Michael Lyden and Jim Brown, who is from Gourock.

It is inspired by the true story of three men - an Irishman, an Englishman and an American - who were held captive in Lebanon in the 1980s and explores the role of humour in their fight for survival and sanity.

Written by Irish dramatist, Frank McGuinness, the play was first staged in 1992 and it has been an ambition of the local theatre company to bring it to Inverclyde.

Gourock actor Jim, who runs Drunk Enough Productions with co-star Kevin and director Julie McKellar, says it is an added bonus to be performing it in the historic Greenock Sugar Sheds.

He told the Tele: "The play was actually Kevin's idea.

"He found the play about four years ago and said he would love to do. He gave me the script to read and I loved it as well.

"Julie then contacted the people at the Sugar Sheds about staging it there and they've been very accommodating.

"We're very excited because of the heritage of the place, and it lends itself perfectly to the atmosphere we're trying to create."

Englishman 'Michael' is played by namesake Michael Lyden, with Jim taking on the role of Irishman 'Edward' and Kevin as American 'Adam'.

Jim said: "It's set in a cell and loosely based on the story of Brian Keenan and John McCarthy, who were held hostage in Lebanon, and held together and became very close friends.

"An Englishman, Irishman and an American waken up together in a cell in the Middle East - it's quite funny and very poignant as well.

"The play is about how people deal with being held captive - the mental anguish and struggles - and how they cope with that and that's where humour comes in, to keep themselves sane by using humour.

"We like to do plays that are a bit different, a bit challenging and thought-provoking and this one fits the bill."

'Someone Who'll Watch Over Me' is on at the Sugar Sheds on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7.30pm.

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