A MAN charged with terrorising women dramatically sacked his lawyer and revealed he intends to quiz his two accusers directly at trial.

Gary Bradley says he'll represent himself in the case, adding that he will read law books before the matter calls next week.

When he was asked by Sheriff Daniel Kelly if he was maintaining a plea of not guilty, Bradley, 32, replied: "I strongly deny the allegation."

He declared, whilst handcuffed to a G4S officer in the dock: "I'm pleading not guilty and I'll be representing myself at trial."

Prosecutors say that Bradley placed the women in states of fear and alarm after entering neighbouring houses in Greenock without permission.

He is said to have behaved in a threatening or abusive manner, acted aggressively and shouted and swore within the houses on Dalriada Road.

Bradley — who is remanded in custody — is further accused of failing to provide details to police, assaulting a male officer to injury and struggling violently.

His former lawyer was granted leave to withdraw from acting on his behalf after telling the town's sheriff court: "He wants to represent himself."

Bradley, of no fixed abode, stated: "I'll get proper advice and books on the matter.

"If there's any bail on offer I'll take it."

Sheriff Kelly told him: "You will need to work out how you can cite witnesses."

The sheriff added: "In light of your record I don't consider that bail is appropriate."

Fiscal depute Lindy Scaife confirmed that the two alleged victims are cited to give evidence, as are two police officers.

Ms Scaife said: "CCTV and a 999 tape are still outstanding but there will be no difficulty in having those prior to the trial.

The case is due to take place on September 19.