A GREENOCK teenager whose dad battled cancer has had her hair cut to help other sufferers of the disease.

Roisin Blaney, 17, who studies beauty therapy at West College Scotland, hopes to help boost the confidence of patients who have lost their locks due to treatment.

Roisin made her way to a local hairdresser's for the chop and has donated 11inches of her hair to the Little Princess Trust, which makes real-life wigs.

She said: “I have always had quite long hair but I always have it tied up and wasn’t really making use of it.

“I decided I was going to get a fair bit cut off and looked into whether I had enough hair to donate it and make a difference.

“I remember when my dad was going through treatment he lost his hair and I thought about how that would feel if it was a little girl.

“You don’t really understand how devastating cancer can be until you experience it and by donating my hair I hope I can maybe give someone going through treatment a bit more confidence.

“I know from college that sometimes little things like looking good do make you feel better and I like to think I have helped.”

Roisin said when she told her dad he was 'so proud'.

She added: "He thought it was an amazing thing to do.”

Roisin is now embracing her new look.

She said: “Dealing with my hair in the mornings now is so much easier.

"It did take a bit of getting used to but I am so glad I did it.

"My hair will grow back and I feel good knowing it will be used to make real hair wigs.”

Roisin works part-time at Shells Beauty and Nails and her colleague Christine Mcintyre says her gesture was 'amazing'.

She added: “I think it is something more people should consider, especially if you are getting a significant amount cut off."

Roisin’s aunt Catherine McKay told the Tele: "It's an amazing thing for her to do.

"Cancer is something that is close to the heart of our family and we are all proud.”