POLICE are investigating complaints that a busy Greenock business park is being used as a 'race track'.

Cars have been spotted speeding around Larkfield Industrial Estate and 'drifting' around the roundabout at the top of Earnhill Road.

People who work at the estate say it happens at all times of the day and they are worried someone will eventually get hurt as a result of the irresponsible motorists.

Businesses including McGill's Buses, Texas Instruments and Inverclyde Taxis are all based there and employ hundreds of staff.

One worker, who wants to remain anonymous, said: "The Earnhill Road roundabout is being used as a drift track.

"It's dangerous and someone is going to get hurt.

"It's always during working hours.

"Last Monday was pretty bad, it was constant.

"It's not always the same car.

"It's been going on for months."

Officers from Greenock Police say they were unaware of any issues because they have received no formal complaints about the problem.

But they have vowed to investigate the complaint.

A spokesperson for Greenock Police told the Telegraph: "It's not something we've had reported to us but we will look at it.

"Thanks to members of the public for bringing it to our attention."

Anyone with information about dangerous driving can report it by calling 101.