ANOTHER attempt is being made to build houses on a vacant piece of land in the Kingston Dock estate.

Developer Briar Homes wants to construct more properties on a 1.6-acre plot just off Lithgow Way in Port Glasgow.

Several bids have been made in the past to build houses on the riverside site but they were booted out by Inverclyde councillors and Scottish Government officials.

Briar Homes, which has an office in Glasgow city centre, is seeking planning permission in principle for a residential development on the land.

There is no information about how many or the type of properties that would be built under the latest proposals.

But according to a supporting document from Inverclyde Council attached to the planning application, the site could accommodate as many as 25 properties.

A spokesperson for Briar Homes said: "A detailed plan for the site will be prepared in due course and will be shared with the local community."

The most recent attempt to transform the site was made in 2013 but councillors voted against the proposals for 17 new houses because the plot is earmarked for commercial use in the masterplan for the area.

The application received 24 objections from the public and elected members were also concerned about the number of properties planned for the size of the land, its close proximity to a children's playpark on the estate and the material used for the infill of the former dockyard.

Councillors decided that the plot should be retained for commercial use for a period of five years to allow a potential developer to come forward.

That time has now elapsed and a new bid has been made for houses to be built there.

Some residents have raised concerns online about the impact such a development would have on the view of existing homeowners living on Lithgow Way and how near it would be to the playpark. But others say they are keen to see the 'eyesore' plot and would rather see houses there than a commercial development, such as a pub.

Residents living on Lithgow Way and neighbouring Iron Way have been notified about the proposals.

The application is now being considered by council planning officials.

If approved, Briar Homes would need to submit a detailed application for consideration.